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The End Of A Holiday

I don’t think that there is a worse feeling than having to go back to work after a 2 week holiday. Having to get back into the routine of work, the processes and procedures,...

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A Day At The Beach

Yesterday my boyfriend Tom and I decided to go back to the coast and spend the day at the beach, we woke up nice and early at 5am to leave for 6:30am so to... 0

Population : You [2014]

Time is a healer of wounds and scars, but each tick of the clock is a stab and I’m bleeding out. I sailed over the selfish seas and could taste the egotistical air as it burning my...

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10 Apps I Use Regularly

I use my iPhone quite a bit, I have a whole load of photography apps as there isn’t a day that goes by in which I’ve not taken at least one photo – I...

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Let’s go to the Beach

I just had my 30th birthday (14 July) and my boyfriend booked a perfect weekend away in Southwold which is a beautiful and peaceful coastal town on the Norfolk coast. We stayed at a...

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The Queens Head at Blyford

My boyfriend and I managed to discover this gem of a pub by randomly choosing somewhere close on the Sat Nav whilst we were away for my 30th birthday. The pub is beautiful and cosy, the...

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Żubrówka [2014]

The sweet taste of an apple bitten by the bison, Eyes glaze and my mind wanders, The warm fuzzy glow encapsulates, Slurred words and rosy cheeks, Inappropriate laughter. For the morning may bring an...