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Downward Spiral

Many people don’t talk about it but I feel it’s important to talk about mental health, so here I go. I feel like I’m about to hit an unavoidable wall soon, I’ve been trying...



I’m a little obsessed with lifelogging, allow me to explain what it is and why I love it!

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Calm Down Dear! It’s For Charity!

So chances are that if you use the internet then you will have seen many a video of celebrities, friends and family all doing the Ice Bucket Challenge and raising money for charity, what’s...


Commute Hyperlapse

I turned part of my commute home into a hyperlapse using the new Hyperlapse app. All music is created by myself, the bit of music was called J2 and was some demo type thing...


Cooking and Twerking

If you’ve ever wanted to see a cookery video that contains ramen and mild twerking, then here you go!