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Upgrading Should Be Simple, Right?

So I thought that as I was about to start my new job that I would treat myself to an upgrade from my iPad mini (1st Generation) to an iPad Air 2 as I’ve...

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4G on Vodafone hits Cambridge

Weirdly coincidental but on the day after I leave my employment with Vodafone it seems that 4G has finally been rolled out to Cambridge – I was taking a walk to my local barber...


Checking In

Thought I’d check in with you guys before I resume a regular upload schedule, also I want your questions – find out how to ask in the video!


Bench Bitches

We seem to sat on benches for 90% of this video, it may make us look lazy but we walked over 7 miles during the day – Fiona also had trouble in a Starbucks...


Magical Mystery Tour

This was a previously seen but assumed to be lost episode from the our Filthy PhilFi days, now restored and back on the internet for good, it’s time for a magical mystery tour!