Hello 2021

First podcast of 2021, talking about Lockdown Thoughts and work related stresses.

2020 in 311 Seconds

My annual video, this time capturing 2020 – a very horrible year.

Old Habits

I’ve always had a very complicated and emotional journey with food for as long as I can remember.


I can’t understand why these people have little to no morals and blatant disregard for other human lives and it makes me so cross!


Today’s blog covers panic in a pandemic


Waiting to find out if you’ll have a job in the new year is never fun.

Almost Time

Trying to remember to blog daily is difficult, mainly because when every single day is almost a carbon copy of the one before, with a few minor changes,…

Share The Love

And thought I’d use today’s #Blogmas post to share the love for the creativity and content of other people.

On The Up

Today was the last day of my full week back in the office for my work, I’ve been working from home since March and I was a little…


No #vlogmas this year, decided to do a #blogmas instead

What is the point?

Disillusioned with creating content and not reaching people.

Off Out

Talking in the shower and whilst I get myself ready to go out and meet my partner in town for food.

ADHD Brain

My creativity is through the roof, talking about my new side project!

Mental Health and Me

Today is World Mental Health Day and I thought I’d share this UPDATED (10th October 2020) version of my mental health journey and where I am with everything.

Fingerblast Those Pies

Making an omelette for lunch and talking about turning corners with my mental health and moving forward, online food shopping, me vs bread, the potential resurrection of old characters for Halloween and audience engagement.

Happy Thoughts

In this episode I talk about the slightly concerning COVID-19 app notification I got, returning to social media, #NewMusicMonday on Spotify, spin-off podcast idea and my spiking libido.

Tooth Hurty

The epic struggle to speak to an emergency dentist, taking a break from work, refining my YouTube channel, buying meat – and then the before and after of the trip to the dentist!

You Don’t Deserve Me At My Orgasm

Join me whilst I make myself lunch and talk about things such as hermitage, struggling with things, counselling, old traumas, the magnifying effect of COVID-19 and losing momentum.


Remembering a potentially transphobic advert because of an ice cream van, COVID cases on the rise, GoodNewsNetwork, incoming work restructures, releasing music every week, mood swings, restrictions, weight worries, redundancy and more.


Panic attacks, stress, YouTube, Mukbangs, Boris, Brexit, Britain, The Toby Song,

From COVID, To Cock Pics

Analysing the behaviours of people and their conduct during a pandemic with a sprinkling of other things.


A quick show talking about getting my new iPad and other things, there’s also music in this one!

Early Start

Sat in my garden and talking about podcast stats, exam algorithms and procrastination.

SmartShop Stress

A more-stressful-than-it-should-have-been trip to the supermarket.