Bench Bitches

We seem to sat on benches for 90% of this video, it may make us look lazy but we walked over 7 miles during the day – Fiona also had trouble in a Starbucks...


Magical Mystery Tour

This was a previously seen but assumed to be lost episode from the our Filthy PhilFi days, now restored and back on the internet for good, it’s time for a magical mystery tour!



No, you aren’t seeing things…this is a new episode!


iOS 8.0.2 Health App Issues

So when Apple released iOS 8.0.2 and enabled health app integration it was met with jubilation and as a bit of a geek I was glad to start using it, however recently when I...


Robjn ft. TDYLN vs Pet Shop Boys – In Your Bourgeois Arms (TDYLN Remix)

My friend Robjn is an incredibly talented person, he writes and produces a lot of his own music and most of the time he releases acapellas of the tracks he records for remixing purposes...


I Hate This Feeling

I hate this feeling, I feel fucking awful. Imagine having that feeling of impending doom but having it all of the time. That’s how I feel. I know I’ve been fairly quiet recently, to...

012-2.JPG 1

Downward Spiral

Many people don’t talk about it but I feel it’s important to talk about mental health, so here I go. I feel like I’m about to hit an unavoidable wall soon, I’ve been trying...