2007 The Twinkleboi Diaries

1 week ’til xmas!

It’s already that time of the year again, and I’ve still got many presents to buy, I guess the reason I find it so hard is because I like to really put a lot of thought into my presents and before I even realised it, Christmas was just around the corner!

If there’s one thing I hate buying people, its useless tat – you know the kind of thing – so-called novelty gifts, don’t make me list them because I’m sure you’re all guilty of making that “funny” present, I’m used to by now, I always get “the gay gift” – something useless that will never be used and will just clutter up my room.

Last year I got a space hopper…..yeah, great – am I expected to actually use that? Shall I blow it up and use it to bounce to work?

I think I’ve already got my “gay gift” this year, its pink – coz us gays love pink, right?

Though it may surprise you, I actually love to read, I think a lot of people have this picture of me in their minds as a flamboyant bimbo boi – I’m wanting to shatter that illusion!

I love books, good and new and interesting music – I love the way lyrics in a song can provoke emotions and recapture memories, I also love to watch documentaries – even if I don’t know a single iota about the subject matter, I like to expand my knowledge.

Recently I’ve been watching a BBC series on all aspects of the Earth and I haven’t missed a single episode, I’m fascinated by the power of the earth, extreme weather and the like.

But anyway, back to Christmas…..

The other thing I simply abhor is GIFT VOUCHERS – it show the person that your buying them for that you ‘couldn’t be bothered to buy a real present so you can buy your own and save me the trouble of having to use my brain’.

Oh! And candles (excluding soy candles by pheebs because they actually are quite amazing) people only buy candles as a last resort and if gift vouchers have sold out!

The only time gift vouchers should be given out are either as prizes or if you’ve actually asked for them, otherwise don’t bother.

I’m tempting fate and going christmas shopping in London this Saturday, and I’m sure it’ll be stupidly busy, but hey!


Twinkle xx

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