I feel rather emotional tonight, I have that lump in my throat, the one you get when you know you’re gonna cry.

I watched a documentary on a gay high school in Dallas, TX.

It covered quite a bit on transgenderism and HIV.

One guy on the documentary, Chase, was 16 years old and HIV positive caught through having unprotected sex with a guy he knew that had it but he loved him enough to do such a thing, I felt sorry for him, the naivety of teenage love. 🙁

I was thinking today of how I’ve grown up in the “gay world” and boy do I wish I could do it again, I’d do things so differently, mix with the right people to begin with rather than learning who’s who.

I wish I’d tackled school ever so differently, I really hated it there, I was bullied…and i did speak up, and nothing ever became of it, on numerous times.

A few select teachers tried to help but It was too late by then, damage done.

I’ve decided to put Argos behind me, this is the last mention ever on the matter.
I do, in a way miss it, the social interacting, the schedule, all I have at the moment is insomnia…I don’t really miss anyone from Argos, as pre-mentioned, and I still see Fiona regularly.
I need a New Job!


peace to all reading, and thanks
x x x


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