The Life of Toby

A Cover?

Tonight, I was talking online and started thinking….NEVER A GOOD THING!!

Someone said that after reading my blog they viewed me in a totally different light, saw a glimpse of the real me, before they viewed as vacuous (if you don’t understand, it’s basically an airhead).

But is my Twinkleboi label really a cover to my true side?

who is the real me?

I’m 20, though I feel older not in the physical sense but mentally, yes.

Wise beyond my years, I feel that I procrastinate profusely over the smallest of things…well small to others but to me they assume a monumental size, a five-story hurdle (not easy to overcome).

I love to listen and often respond in the form of a question, I’ve been told this is very therapist-like.

Maybe I should open up myself more, so people can see the real me?

we shall see…

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