I’ve heard nothing from Lee, Paul or Tommy, they all live in London and I guess might’ve been traveling to work via the tubes today, I’ve tried to contact them via phone and via e-mail, none of them has appeared online, or texted back…I’m getting worried, and I’m praying for them to be okay….Only time will tell.

Today has been weird, I awoke at 4am, watched a drama called “Threads”, about a nuclear attack on the UK, set and made in 1984, very harrowing, it was never shown on TV, I’m guessing because at that time it was made if they had shown it, it could’ve made people panic, I can see why, it showed the before, during and after effects of a nuclear exchange, and I pray to god that that never EVER happens.

At around 9am I get an e-mail via the BBC to my inbox, saying about an explosion in a station, first reports stated that it was a power surge, but very soon after that claim was laid to rest as further explosions rocked the city of London, 7 in total, included the total decimation of the top of a double Decker bus, I sat with my eyes permanently fixed to the screen with BBC news 24 on.

Terrorist attacks?! In the UK? Is this really happening? Yes and Yes, they’ve always said “It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when” and today became that “when”.

Innocent people have died, and for what? Do the terrorists believe that killing innocent people will get them a quick pass to Heaven, or whatever they call it.

The attacks bare all of the hallmarks of an Al-Qaeda attack, a religious extremist group…. To be honest, I wasn’t truly worried about Al-Qaeda until today, when the attacks were ‘closer to home’, attacks in my country….I can’t reach any of my friends in London.



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