SO…another week off, I’m determined to enjoy it and do as much as I possibly can, was thinking of going shopping sometime this week but that’s gotta be ruled out seeing as I spent all my wages on Friday night (meal for 3 and numerous drinks), was a good night but just wish I had some money!! lol, oh well!!

Dot Cotton is on this coming Saturday, I shall be going in my bondage gear again, handcuffs and many straps, he he!!

Recently done a Happy Hardcore/rave remix bootleg type thing, should be available for download sometime this week, for some reason I have been downloading RuPaul!!

Don’t ask me why, I wish I knew!!

Listening to Nelly Furtado’s Folklore album, it really is a great album, fave track’s are Explode and Childhood Dreams, also PSB’s new song Flamboyant is great, I heard it on Des + Mel!!

Finished Reading Party Monster – James St James, it is a very interesting book and what’s more it’s all true, a real insight into the mad world of the infamous club kids…


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