First day back at work today, was bit weary and nervous at first but first thing Linda did when she saw me is give me a hug 🙂 after a couple of hours of work I started to settle and feel better (thanks to my babes Hanny and Linda).

After I finished work, Robjn, Shaunii and I went for a quick walk around HMV, Borders and because I had some gift vouchers from Xmas, WHSmith, Dame Thora Robjn took the escalator while me and Shaunii took the stairs, we looked around and found out where the bargain bin had gone, it’s now a bargain…Shelf!!

I was about to grab all the 49p cd’s I could find when one of the RUDE bitch staff shouted at us. “We’re closing!!”, I DON’T like to be rushed when shopping so I decided I’d forget about it, next we went to borders and saw some odd kids sex education book called “willy the sperm”, Robjn labelled it as twisted filth (I agree), went upstairs and had a look at the sale section, I needn’t have bothered…it’s utter shit!! I returned to a now Shaunii-less Robjn, he tells me Shaunii says “bye”. Fair enough, lol!

Robjn and I make our now all too frequent visit to Pizza Hut.
Our Spanish waitress lady is working and shows us in but doesn’t serve us 🙁 We have our “usual” and Robjn (without realising) insults the waitress, lol!! Robjn made yet another quote classic and then we
made our way back to borders for a browse, remixed a bin with some bells and took some photos.

Get home at around 9 and check my computer – OH MY GOD!! I HAVE THE ME AGAINST THE MUSIC ACAPELLA!! I have been trying to get this for so long, so I did a quick bootleg of it with Rhythm is a Dancer 😀

Working 9 to 2pm tomorrow, purely because I want/need to do some shopping!!


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