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An Open Letter To Hellhole

Dear Fuckwits,

You seem to be checking up on me even though I have left the company, and as seen in previous post, you were investigating me…you quite simply are the worst company to work for. You do sell second-hand items, and having worked behind the scene I see that the company does this, I have witnessed it happening, managers say “if it works, and looks re-sellable then that’s what it is, re-sellable” I think not, I had to explain to many a customer why there item was out of it seal, make up an excuse here or there…bullshit!! I don’t see the need for you checking up on me now I’m no longer a member of the Argos “team” *spits*

The sales manager is an ill-mannered weasley-faced shit of a character, Hitler be his name…though many people know who he is, I wish him nothing but failure.

A company that would hire a member of staff that fiddled targets to do the old job she was removed from doing…the mind truly boggles…and to the man who interviewed me about the whole blogging charade blew up, you couldn’t belittle me if you tried…inferior little turd!!

Over ‘n’ Out

Twinkle xxx

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  1. twinkleboi 16th May 2005

    Bitter are we Lee? you never liked me, since I showed your fishface of a girlfriend up for fraud!!

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