2007 The Twinkleboi Diaries


It’s natural to worry, but not if it stops you from acting on an opportunity that’s calling for you.

I guess over the past few months I’ve been worrying about a lot, mainly my appearance, to put it bluntly I would call myself fat and ugly!

I then realised that the fear of the view of other people pushed me almost into a cocoon, scared of nasty remarks or looks of disgust (I know you must be thinking either shut up or not this again, but bear with me).

This fear froze me to a point of depression and paranoia – and I lost all self-confidence and self-respect, but there were, occasionally, chinks in my frozen force field when I would be able to grasp hold of the slither of strength that remained and start acting on it.

Now, its December – cold and dreary and although this is the case, I can feel my permafrost protection melting away, and the strength that will get me back to the happier days is growing with each minute.

I’m setting things in course for aiming for those goals, I truly feel that my time has come to fight back, be the original person that almost vanished!

I’ve got to realise that change is gradual and to get to where I want to be is going to take dedication, time and energy (the latter two I have lots left of).

I want to be able to say in a years time that I’ve put all of the pain and fear somewhere far away and that the new me is here to stay, no matter what, I want to see just how far I can push myself to achieve whether it’s at work, home or life – anything is possible if I really want it.

My life is a journey, one I’ve been sharing for years now and the journey is soon going to take us to places of great achievement.

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