Things #10

Thought I try to “reboot” my things posts because it’s a nice way for me to share things I’ve found or discovered online recently, so without further ado!

Mental Health and Me

Mental Health and Me

Mental health shouldn’t be stigmatised or taboo but there are still people that believe that it’s something that shouldn’t be talked about or shared, I hope that by sharing my own story and experiences that I can help contribute in some way to eliminating the stigmas.


This blog post was written on so many different days and over a course of a couple of months and I didn’t just want to just delete it so I thought I’d try to make it into something…not sure what that something is but I want to get it out of my drafts and into the world…so….enjoy?!


I haven’t blogged, vlogged or podcasted in fucking ages and I’ve almost been avoiding doing so…

Other Places

I want to take this opportunity to share all of my online and social media links because I’m fairly active all over and want to make sure you guys can follow me in different places.

Tumblr Censorship

So already pretty much my whole Tumblr is flagged as explicit and will be removed or made private from the 17th December – I’m trying to think of the positives […]


I’ve not composed a post on here for a while and I’m not quite sure how to kickoff but I have this real sense of being overdue