Todays Tune : Annie Lennox – Wonderful (Dave Aude Nu Romantic Mixshow)

A DAY OFF!! At last, i didn’t have to be belittled by Grotbags, I didn’t have to put up with complaints and people with an I.Q of 1.

I spent my day listening to, and creating music, tried to work out how to use renoise…I can’t do it!! lol, it’s not even remotely easy, I tried everything obvious that I could think of and in the end I gave up, I will give it one more tomorrow and if I fail I will delete it!

Trying to create some kind of instrumental track that vocals could be added to, something mechanical, abstract and dark.

I am working on a new video remix of Scissor Sister – Filthy Gorgeous, for those that haven’t seen the video i urge you to go out and buy the DVD single, it’s on there, it is very tongue in cheek, cock shaped bottles being drank, naked transvestite, vibrators, spanking, gay men kissing (yay!) lol, drag queens, breasts (yuk!). See, now you want to see it!

Meeting Fiona in town tomorrow at 10:30am, it’s now 1:39am, I should sleep…though I probably won’t get too bed until 4am…AGAIN!!

Goodnight xxx


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