I’ve used the generic iPhone headphones since I can remember, I stick with them because I like them and because I think the sound quality is really good….that was until I tried a pair of BassBuds.

I’ve always avoided using those in-ear type headphones because I never thought they were very comfortable and also, I had a pair of headphones that do the job, why would I change?

The BassBuds turn up in a cute little box and opening the box its certain that they want to stand out from the generic, and they do!

Yes, they look really good but do they sound good?

A resounding YES! As soon as I played a song I could hear all of the music how it was intended to be listened to – little bits that I’d obviously not been able to hear with my iPhone generics were now perfectly crisp and fully immersible – and even better, I couldn’t hear a single noise from my surroundings, there was a TV on in the background up quite high and my computer has a loud fan and I couldn’t hear them AT ALL – also I was now hearing basses that had been hidden before – I’m a convert!!

These were my first proper headphones and now I’m going to find it very difficult to use anything else!

Each headphone has a crystal back which looks pretty cool and the technology that the BassBuds use is called Crystaltronics and it really does make a difference to the sound, trust me!

If you’re looking to get yourself a pair then you could save yourself up to £7.50 off of a pair by playing a little game on their website which will get you a voucher and if you get to the top of the leader-board you could win 7 pairs of them!

They come in a variety of colours and I’m sure I’ll be buying another pair soon as I want some red ones!!

As a music fan/radio presenter, sound is everything and now being able to hear everything make me a very happy guy!


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