I haven’t written a blog whilst in bed for an awfully long time, so I thought I would do so!

I don’t think I can post links or videos from within the app so this may just end up being a wordy blog rather than one filled with pictures and videos.

I have to work tomorrow, my first working Sunday in ages, I’m not going to lie but I absolutely hate working on a Sunday, it just feels so unnatural – but alas I have to so I’ll just have to lump it.

I actually had a day off today and as I don’t usually get a Saturday off of work I spent it watching Game of Thrones and making videos with my new HD Camcorder – see this would be the point when I would post the video underneath the text but I’m unsure if I can do that on the app itself, the app needs to be able to do that! Perhaps I can post a link to my YouTube account – Twinkleboi – I think it worked, yay!

Tom’s away in Buckingham for the weekend as he went to a classic car event at Silverstone and if I wasn’t bloody working I would have loved to have gone to Buckingham with him so I could see the in-laws 😀 but again, my life gets ruled by my work.

I literally have just finished recording a video for my TwinklePhone channel which I’m going to use my iPad to upload – the joys of modern technology, eh? Blogging on my phone and uploading from the tablet!

I need to get myself to bed soon but I don’t want to! 🙁


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