I’m getting bored, bored with the repetitiveness of everything!

I want to move away, to get out of this city, out of this country.

Everything feels so unimportant, stupid even.

People moaning on about things I couldn’t give a toss about.

Nothing is fun anymore 🙁



  1. Hey Toby;

    Long time so talk, i’m back in sunny england at the moment getting back into a routine.

    Definately know how you feel obviously this was a few weeks ago but still. Bizarrely having doing the fuck it and buggered off to Australia there is nothing quite like being free from any commitment. Being your own boss.

    Just work out what you want to do with your life and do it, unless you have moved out since we last chatted then tell work to fuck off, work out what you want and get on 😛

    Will no doubt catch up soon hopefully.

    FIn x

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