After getting to bed at 4am, I wake at 2pm!! Last nights late-night E-bay buying session costs me about just under £20

I bought

  • The Big Breakfast Album (The album cover looks like a K-induced Breakfast)
  • Madonna 34 track/2 disc tribute album
  • Placebo – Taste in Men single
  • Haddaway – Rock my Heart single

It’s been a day for editing videos today as I created a remix video of Madonna’s Music with as little of that prick Ali G in it.

Poor Janet Jackson, America seems to think that a tit is big bad news.

In tribute to that controversial “accident” I created the Janet Jackson Throbbing Tit Mix video.

The Unfinished Video and a video using 1 second clips of video files I have collected.

Downloaded a Wallace and Gromit mix today which is incredibly funny, just the kinda thing that makes me giggle, lol!!

Back to work tomorrow, kinda nervous but I’m sure I’ll be fine, I still can’t believe Diane laughed when I told I was attacked, Fucking Bitch!!

The only person from work that contacted me from work to see how I was,was Linda (bless her), though Hannah wouldn’t have been at work, I’m sure she would have checked on me…


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