Born This Way – Album Review

Marry The Night

A great starter track for a new album, very catchy and
covered in synths, guitars and Gaga’s amazing voice

Born This Way
I’m not a fan of this track, the music is good but the lyrics are
not the best and seem a little “cashing in the pink pound” for
my liking.

Goverment Hooker
Yes Yes Yes! This is the stuff I love Gaga for, dark, bassy,
heavy and dirty! Hoooooo-keeerrrr!

I’m in love with Judas! I remember when this track got
released on iTunes and I just went “YES!”. This song is typical
Gaga, there are similarities between this and Bad Romance
but not too much to hold it back!

Oooo! This is different, this song makes me think of Spanish
street parties, really like this one, didn’t think I would when it
first started playing but it really works!

I just can’t get in to this one, a song about being like your

“I don’t speak German but I can if you like!” says Gaga as a
German lyric is repeated as the song grows larger – I had
heard a mix of this track a few months ago and had been
waiting to hear the full version, it’s alright but I think I was
expecting more from it – that said I think it will probably grow
on me!

Bloody Mary
This song is slower than a lot of the others on the album –
there are moments when Gaga’s vocals sound almost
Madonnaesque during the chorus which isn’t a bad thing,
really like this one!

Bad Kids
This should have been the first track to be released from the
album, this could and should have replaced Born This Way –
this one is spiked with elements of 90’s rave orchestra hits,
nice one!

Highway Unicorn (Road 2 Love)
This is very ravey to begin with and Gaga’s deep voice is
used more throughout the track which can’t be bad!

Heavy Mental Lover
I think this is the song that features on Gagavision episodes,
dark synthy beats and a distorted and auto-tuned Gaga
blend perfectly.

Electric Chapel
I swear I thought this was Madonna when it first started, this
reminds me so much of her – I can even imagine her singing it
– you’ll see what I mean! Catchy number this one!

I’ve heard this done live many times and loved it, this stays
faithful to those versions and adds some beats heard in
Queen’s We Will Rock You – it’s a rock song!

The Edge Of Glory
This showcases Gaga’s voice well and just builds the music
around it perfectly, a good choice of song to end the album,
the edge of glory – what comes after this – knowing
Gaga….who knows!?

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  1. Great review! BTW Is a great job from Gaga, Can’t fins any weak songs on this album, It is just GREAT!My favourite song Is “Americano”.

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