Brain Dead

I get days when I just feel totally brain dead… today is one of those days – I’ve tried reading, writing, vlogging, singing, podcasting and now I’m trying to shake my brain deadness by blogging about just how I feel.

I can’t concentrate on anything, I’ll start reading only to be distracted almost immediately by something else and I just cannot seem to focus whatsoever, I’ve tried and failed about 3 times to record my VEDM video for my YouTube channel but every time I start I think to myself that this isn’t going to be very entertaining – It could just be being too critical of myself but I keep getting annoyed at the little things like the light in my room making me look orange!

I have ADHD so usually once I’ve started doing something I’m ok but some days I just CANNOT focus whatsoever and it frustrates the shit out of me – you know how some people pace when they are impatient or frustrated? Well my brain feels like it’s pacing…

I guess this blog won’t help to shift the mental treadmill any further but hey….

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