2007 The Twinkleboi Diaries

Bus Blog Again

Last night was horrible, I was overtired but couldn’t get to sleep, tossing (and not in the good way) and turning I think I eventually got to sleep around half 2 in the morning – I feel well and truly crap this morning – tired, and not just a little knackered but completely exhausted!!

I’ve had just under 4 hours sleep and I actually think I may fall asleep – I’m on a bus ATM – let me explain, I walked into town with my mother yesterday and yet again my shoes disagreed with my feet and the result? Blisters again! My feet, my poor feet – look and feel as if they’ve been through a war! Alas, I’m sure today is going to suck, I can just feel it – and I missed breakfast, so I’m rather hungry now too – and last but not least I keep on sneezing, and someones phone just went of and they had a James Blunt ringtone – how horrid!

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