By the time you read this…

…I shall not have an actual phone – this is because after just under a week of using a Samsung Galaxy S3 I have decided that it’s really not for me, I traded in my 64GB iPhone 4S and used the money I got from the sale to buy the S3, which I’ve now returned.

I really tried to love it – I searched for “Killer Apps” and tested out the camera as much as humanly possible but each day I found myself less and less impressed with it.

I tried different themes, installed many apps and added a load of my music, photos and videos on to it but in all essence it just didn’t match up to my expectations and the intuitive aspects of my iPhone.

Adding music was a difficult process, and importing my photos was just made completely long winded by forcing me to use KIES software (which is bloody awful), most of the apps that I found had really ugly adverts and worked in such a weird way that physically angered me and caused me to sigh and swear a lot!

So yes, for the next month or so I will be without phone – how will I cope? I have an iPad so I shall still be able to be connected but just not in the “Ring! Ring!” way.

Why a month? Well for those of you that aren’t aware, there is meant to be an Apple event on the 12th Sept, an announcement of sorts, and rumour has it that the device will be launched on the 21st – so it’s time to wait….

I miss my apps 🙁

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