2007 The Twinkleboi Diaries

Bye Bye Blackberry!

I thought I’d check my bills online today, I do this every so often just encase, mainly for my own peace of mind.

It’s a good thing I did

£45 of unbilled calls

Now, I’m on an unlimited data, calls and texts plans so this shocked me, I’m not supposed to be billed, so I looked at my pending bill and all I could see was

>>> BLACKBERRY £3.34
>>> BLACKBERRY £4.86
>>> BLACKBERRY £2.12

and so on…

Confused – I called up customer service and was told that using a Blackberry only gives you 6MB (WOW! THAT’S A LOT! *note the sarcasm*) of blackberry data transfer, so all the emails, IM and facebooking I had been doing that went over the 6MB I was being charged for!

Sad to say it, but Bye Bye Blackberry – you’re not cost-effective enough for the Twinkleboi

So I’m back to my Nokia N73 – I love Nokia, never had a problem with any of my Nokia handsets, and they are so adaptable!

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