Last night, on an underwear buying impulse I bought £137 worth of Calvin Klein briefs and this time I had the actual money to do so!

I purchased 9 pairs of different styles of the pro-stretch variety – I blame my friend Carl for alerting me to the fact there were pairs I didn’t have! Lol

So at the moment its a Sunday morning and I’m on a bus 🙁 and not only do old people hold it up as they count out change really REALLY slowly but I happen to be sat next to somebody that is wearing real leather, and it smells!

Not only is it real, but its wet real leather and it smells absolutely vile!

I should say I’m a militant vegan or that I work for PETA or something because she smells!

I’m so glad this is the last day I’ve got to work for a week, I plan a few late night Skype recordings and would love everyone to join in, t’would be fun fun fun.

kisses, hugs and gropes twinkle x x



  1. PETA kills.. you might not want to support them. They are for the eradication of all animals from the human environment; meaning no pets for anyone, no wool or beef industry, no horse riding, etc. *because all animals should be free, and have no interaction with humans*

    (not my opinion)

    The majority of PETA supporters do not know its true intent.

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