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Oh my god! Tonight I DEVOURED a Chinese takeaway and now I feel like a house, and I’m not talking semi-detached, I mean full on MANSION sized!

Hello There!

I haven’t blogged properly since May so I have decided now is the time to write. Up until my 2 weeks of annual leave that I’m currently enjoying immensely I was working […]

Brain Dead

I get days when I just feel totally brain dead… today is one of those days – I’ve tried reading, writing, vlogging, singing, podcasting and now I’m trying to shake […]


I feel as if I’m on the cusp of making some pretty big choices in my life, though not exactly life changing but they would make a difference to me […]

5 Years On

As I sit here writing this I can’t believe I started blogging 5 years ago, and although I podcast more than I blog, I wanted to focus on the blogosphere […]


I have the worst toothache at the moment, the kind of toothache that keeps you awake all through the night in agony! I have an appointment with my dentist tomorrow […]


Occasionally I can wake up and feel the lowest of the lows, almost as if in my slumber I’ve had any and all positivity completely drained from my body, leaving […]

Vote Obama!

I’ve become addicted to the coverage of the American elections, and how disgustingly vile John McCain is, riding around in a bus called the “Straight Talk Express”, yuck – that […]


I never knew that there was a Month dedicated to Blogging/Podcasting for a whole month but there is and I think it’s called NaBloPoMo, I did a podcast per day […]

Time Machine

There are days when I really wish that I could change things that I had done in my life, decisions I never made and choices made incorrectly – life could’ve […]


I’m getting bored, bored with the repetitiveness of everything! I want to move away, to get out of this city, out of this country. Everything feels so unimportant, stupid even. […]


OMG! So this morning I have been converting all of my VHS home videos to my computer using the magical device, Pinnacle PVT, and when I played back the recordings […]


Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I can be really happy, wide awake and looking forward to the day ahead, and then sometimes I can wake up and […]


I don’t know why but recently I’ve been feeling horny, not just a little bit either, unwrapping men with my eyes – well they will wear clothes that don’t leave […]

I’m a geek

The last few days I’ve been learning so much, trying out new software here and there – whether its pc software or mobile – I’ve been playing around with it. […]


It’s 8:45pm and i’m in bed – totally knackered – and just wanting to switch off, i’ve got a few things to do for my 400 episode of my podcast […]


I have a day off tomorrow and I’m going to get things in order and get myself a passport! About time really, and as soon as I’ve got one I’m […]


I was about to finish getting ready for work this morning and then my step-dad decided to use the bathroom, knowing that I hadn’t finished my daily grooming routine – […]

Ouchy Tongue

I have a swollen saliva gland! Random? Yes. Painful? Oh yes! I have to be careful how I eat, talk and generally move my tongue, it’s really sore! I think I […]

Year So Far

So, what are we? a week into the new year and what an amazing start, I’ve been to London twice. I’ve taken a speedboat down the Thames at night (AMAZING!) […]

So Cold

What does a 23 year old gay man do when snow is forecast and he’s going to be walking around outside? Wear a thin t-shirt and a hoodie….i’m so stupid


I hate feeling ill! Called in sick this morning, felt shitty doing so because I guess it was going to be kinda busy, I then went to the doctors , […]

Recent Purchases

The joys of online sales! I have bought the following things 10 new pairs of briefs (Calvin Klein, Armani, D&G, HOM and C-IN2) A white Cambourne wool beanie hat 7 different […]

Happy Stressmas!

Arrgghhh!! Hey People, I’ve been so stressed the last few days, and its not because of work or present buying….it’s coming from nowhere, almost like a gay version of PMS […]

UKonline Update

If it wasn’t for modern technology this blog post wouldn’t be getting to you even though I’m offline with UK”online”. Let me tell you all about the troubles I’ve been […]


It seems that my ISP have gone from being useless to downright RUBBISH! I have an upload speed of 35kps…broadband?! UKOnline? UKONFUCKINGLINE!! UKOFFLINE! 2K(ps)OFFLINE!! So basically, I can’t get any […]


Should I get one? Why should I get one? What are the benefits of a Mac over a PC? What video/audio editing software is there available for a Mac? Comments […]


I don’t know what is the matter with me, I am just so fed-up! I can’t find the time for friends or family, I joined the gym over a month […]

Sadie Ramone

15 Originally uploaded by sadie ramone Hey People, I love this picture, I LOVE IT!! Sadie’s Pictures really capture nights out it such an amazing way, it’s hard to describe […]

Calvin Klein

Last night, on an underwear buying impulse I bought £137 worth of Calvin Klein briefs and this time I had the actual money to do so! I purchased 9 pairs of different […]


I was just reading through one of my old diaries and did a little bit of recording off certain entries, its brought back so many memories! From Naivety to Sluttyness, […]

On My Way

Well hey there people, thank you ever so much for the e-mails and voicemails about episode 300! At the moment I’m on my train to Leicester and next to me […]


I can’t explain, this lack of pain I can’t deny, the tears to cry I can’t think straight God, I feel so empty, like there’s nothing inside me…

Flock This

Hey People!! I’m testing a new browser called Flock, it has inbuilt Flickr support and stuff, I’m gonna trial it and see if it’s any good, I’m posting via Flock’s […]


Some bastard took it upon themselves today, to break into my work locker and help themselves to my mobile phone, thing is, people know who it is, and tomorrow, I […]


I am so bored and its like everyone at works sense Of Humour has died, either that or they’re had a lobotomy, either way I’m not far from the truth!

Coming Soon…

For those that pay attention, a new megamix is about to be done. Full of updated classics! subscribe to the Newsletter, as thats the only way you’ll get it before […]


I can’t believe it was five years ago today, I, amongst most people, remember where they were when they heard/saw the awful events unfold.


I suddenly have the urge to go to London, and I would do today if it wasn’t a bank holiday (that sucks!). I wanted to go before I started my […]


My parents are having a party tonight, everyone’s running around getting stuff ready so I’ve decided to let them get to it while I stay out-of-the-way, I’m feeling a little […]


I saw this on the BBC “Audio and Video links on this page require Realplayer” I’m sorry, are the BBC still living in the dark ages? RealPlayer, Ram Files, RealMedia…I […]

Birthday Boy

July 14th, French Bastille Day…but more importantly, it’s my birthday!! Yes people, as of today I am 22 years old, I’ve only just got up and so far I have […]


Every bit of my heart has been bruised, beaten and hit, yesterday was supposed to be so promising, first proper day in our new apartment…how wrong is the fool that […]


Tomorrow is a BIG day, tomorrow is the day I leave Cambridge and start a new life in Manchester, I’m sat at Leo’s old house and I’ve got this feeling deep inside […]

To Norwich

I’m on my train to Norwich at the moment, it’s fairly packed…with drug addicts and homeless people, thank god they’ve chosen to go into the other carriage, I think I […]


Hello People, I’m not going to be able to Podcast for at least 6 Days so I thought I’d use the old-fashioned blogness thing. At the moment I’m over Leo’s, […]

Black Hole

Ok, today I have eaten for breakfast : Weetos for lunch : Weetos dinner : bran flakes Because there’s NOTHING to fucking eat in this house and then to top it […]


Hello! I’m still online, until the 17th July just a few days after my birthday, it’s going to be my 21st and that will mean I’m OFFICIALLY OLD!! Yes…I might […]


A certain member of Argos staff saw an ex member of Argos staff that is going out with a member of Argos staff with another girl!! I will not name names, but […]


I’ve been thinking of doing a vlog (video blog), but I dunno, I’m not 100% sold on the idea yet, I might do it from behind the camera…coz i’m shy….LOL […]

I Hate

I hate I hate valuehost I hate old people that walk slow. I hate people who think they’re the funniest person when they’re really NOT!! I hate the fact the […]


a post on gybo, now shared here I was helping a mate doing a paper round using a friends bike, my shoelace got caught in the cogs and chain I […]

Saturday Night

Wow, what a fucking great night!! I danced, I took photos, I saw my ex!! Euuurrgghh!!! Mind you, he’s put on more weight and his boyfriend’s a minger…karma makes me […]

GUS Group

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Gus Profits are down….GOOD!! Fatcats will be getting less money, jobs maybe lost….boo-fucking-hoo!! About two years ago there was a huge dinner thing held in Birmingham to tell managers, […]


Hewwwo!!! It’s 5:49am, I am still awake…I will get my sleeping patterns back to normal!! Insomnia tho, it seems is winning over me!! Grrrrr!!!


Woah!! I recieved over 2000 hits and 2gbs of downloads to my site yesterday, the only answer is that people heard my most recent bootleg (see below) and that’s […]

One Step Ahead

I hate hoaxers….with a vengeance, they suck, and fuck things up for people unfortunately fooled by the hoaxers nasty plan/s. my fave forum and its many members has recently been hit […]

A Cover?

Tonight, I was talking online and started thinking….NEVER A GOOD THING!! Someone said that after reading my blog they viewed me in a totally different light, saw a glimpse of […]

Shampoo Horns

My Party Monster addiction has just been reignited, I just caught a glimpse of the trailer for Shampoo Horns, made in 96 just before Michael Alig was arrested for the […]


Today I got my final payment from hellhole, this included my previously taken holiday and week in lieu money and one and a half weeks untaken holiday pay, so this […]

Still Awake

Hello, still haven’t slept yet…lol, have been browsing the web lots today in order to find interesting/inspiring things, so far no good, but I did stumble across a weird little […]


It’s 4:43am and I’m up way past my bed time, have just spent the last hour sorting out my URL list, sorting them out into categories, it makes everything look less cluttered, […]

Job Limbo

I have to go into my old workplace sometime this week to return my uniform…woohoo, spoke to Fiona today, she tells me that it’s really short-staffed, GOOD!! Maybe the management […]


Saturday, 5:10pm I hand in my notice to Hitler (No dear readers that isn’t the actual Hitler), though I wanted to hand it in to the actual manager….Never mind, I […]


Todays Tune : Max Avery Lichtenstein – Tarnation Before you read on, please visit I went to see this film on Sunday, I was totally in awe of it. […]


Today’s Tune : Bjork – Cvalda (Paul Dye Mix) Work was full of helium, 1,000’s of books, teenagers….a usual day for a catalogue launch really!By the end of the day […]

Bye Bye 56k

The final hours of 56k are approaching…i can’t wait!! Went to a house “party” last night at Linda’s = free alcohol, he he!! Drank vast amounts of Diet coke w/vanilla […]

A week off

SO…another week off, I’m determined to enjoy it and do as much as I possibly can, was thinking of going shopping sometime this week but that’s gotta be ruled out […]


With my days off I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, I need a new job, I really don’t think I can stomach working there for much longer, I’m happy being away […]

Lazy Dayz

Woke up in early afternoon, was supposed to be going round Robjn’s but overslept (sorry!), no eBay packages today 🙁 watched the whole of series one of Ab Fab on DVD […]


After getting to bed at 4am, I wake at 2pm!! Last nights late-night E-bay buying session costs me about just under £20 I bought The Big Breakfast Album (The album […]


Spent today recovering from last night (got concussion and a lump on my head). I feel very disorientated, I managed to make a short video remix for Madonna’s American Life. […]