Black Hole

Ok, today I have eaten for breakfast : Weetos for lunch : Weetos dinner : bran flakes Because there’s NOTHING to fucking eat in this house and then to top it […]


Hello! I’m still online, until the 17th July just a few days after my birthday, it’s going to be my 21st and that will mean I’m OFFICIALLY OLD!! Yes…I might […]


A certain member of Argos staff saw an ex member of Argos staff that is going out with a member of Argos staff with another girl!! I will not name names, but […]


I’ve been thinking of doing a vlog (video blog), but I dunno, I’m not 100% sold on the idea yet, I might do it from behind the camera…coz i’m shy….LOL […]

I Hate

I hate virgin.net. I hate valuehost I hate old people that walk slow. I hate people who think they’re the funniest person when they’re really NOT!! I hate the fact the […]


a post on gybo, now shared here I was helping a mate doing a paper round using a friends bike, my shoelace got caught in the cogs and chain I […]

Saturday Night

Wow, what a fucking great night!! I danced, I took photos, I saw my ex!! Euuurrgghh!!! Mind you, he’s put on more weight and his boyfriend’s a minger…karma makes me […]

GUS Group

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Gus Profits are down….GOOD!! Fatcats will be getting less money, jobs maybe lost….boo-fucking-hoo!! About two years ago there was a huge dinner thing held in Birmingham to tell managers, […]


Hewwwo!!! It’s 5:49am, I am still awake…I will get my sleeping patterns back to normal!! Insomnia tho, it seems is winning over me!! Grrrrr!!!


Woah!! I recieved over 2000 hits and 2gbs of downloads to my www.twinkleboi.co.uk site yesterday, the only answer is that people heard my most recent bootleg (see below) and that’s […]

One Step Ahead

I hate hoaxers….with a vengeance, they suck, and fuck things up for people unfortunately fooled by the hoaxers nasty plan/s. my fave forum and its many members has recently been hit […]

A Cover?

Tonight, I was talking online and started thinking….NEVER A GOOD THING!! Someone said that after reading my blog they viewed me in a totally different light, saw a glimpse of […]

Shampoo Horns

My Party Monster addiction has just been reignited, I just caught a glimpse of the trailer for Shampoo Horns, made in 96 just before Michael Alig was arrested for the […]


Today I got my final payment from hellhole, this included my previously taken holiday and week in lieu money and one and a half weeks untaken holiday pay, so this […]

Still Awake

Hello, still haven’t slept yet…lol, have been browsing the web lots today in order to find interesting/inspiring things, so far no good, but I did stumble across a weird little […]


It’s 4:43am and I’m up way past my bed time, have just spent the last hour sorting out my URL list, sorting them out into categories, it makes everything look less cluttered, […]

Job Limbo

I have to go into my old workplace sometime this week to return my uniform…woohoo, spoke to Fiona today, she tells me that it’s really short-staffed, GOOD!! Maybe the management […]


Saturday, 5:10pm I hand in my notice to Hitler (No dear readers that isn’t the actual Hitler), though I wanted to hand it in to the actual manager….Never mind, I […]


Todays Tune : Max Avery Lichtenstein – Tarnation Before you read on, please visit i-saw-tarnation.com I went to see this film on Sunday, I was totally in awe of it. […]


Today’s Tune : Bjork – Cvalda (Paul Dye Mix) Work was full of helium, 1,000’s of books, teenagers….a usual day for a catalogue launch really!By the end of the day […]