Some bastard took it upon themselves today, to break into my work locker and help themselves to my mobile phone, thing is, people know who it is, and tomorrow, I […]


I am so bored and its like everyone at works sense Of Humour has died, either that or they’re had a lobotomy, either way I’m not far from the truth!

Coming Soon…

For those that pay attention, a new megamix is about to be done. Full of updated classics! subscribe to the Newsletter, as thats the only way you’ll get it before […]


I can’t believe it was five years ago today, I, amongst most people, remember where they were when they heard/saw the awful events unfold.


I suddenly have the urge to go to London, and I would do today if it wasn’t a bank holiday (that sucks!). I wanted to go before I started my […]


My parents are having a party tonight, everyone’s running around getting stuff ready so I’ve decided to let them get to it while I stay out-of-the-way, I’m feeling a little […]


I saw this on the BBC “Audio and Video links on this page require Realplayer” I’m sorry, are the BBC still living in the dark ages? RealPlayer, Ram Files, RealMedia…I […]

Birthday Boy

July 14th, French Bastille Day…but more importantly, it’s my birthday!! Yes people, as of today I am 22 years old, I’ve only just got up and so far I have […]


Every bit of my heart has been bruised, beaten and hit, yesterday was supposed to be so promising, first proper day in our new apartment…how wrong is the fool that […]


Tomorrow is a BIG day, tomorrow is the day I leave Cambridge and start a new life in Manchester, I’m sat at Leo’s old house and I’ve got this feeling deep inside […]

To Norwich

I’m on my train to Norwich at the moment, it’s fairly packed…with drug addicts and homeless people, thank god they’ve chosen to go into the other carriage, I think I […]


Hello People, I’m not going to be able to Podcast for at least 6 Days so I thought I’d use the old-fashioned blogness thing. At the moment I’m over Leo’s, […]