I hate feeling ill! Called in sick this morning, felt shitty doing so because I guess it was going to be kinda busy, I then went to the doctors , […]

Recent Purchases

The joys of online sales! I have bought the following things 10 new pairs of briefs (Calvin Klein, Armani, D&G, HOM and C-IN2) A white Cambourne wool beanie hat 7 different […]

Happy Stressmas!

Arrgghhh!! Hey People, I’ve been so stressed the last few days, and its not because of work or present buying….it’s coming from nowhere, almost like a gay version of PMS […]

UKonline Update

If it wasn’t for modern technology this blog post wouldn’t be getting to you even though I’m offline with UK”online”. Let me tell you all about the troubles I’ve been […]


It seems that my ISP have gone from being useless to downright RUBBISH! I have an upload speed of 35kps…broadband?! UKOnline? UKONFUCKINGLINE!! UKOFFLINE! 2K(ps)OFFLINE!! So basically, I can’t get any […]


Should I get one? Why should I get one? What are the benefits of a Mac over a PC? What video/audio editing software is there available for a Mac? Comments […]


I don’t know what is the matter with me, I am just so fed-up! I can’t find the time for friends or family, I joined the gym over a month […]

Sadie Ramone

15 Originally uploaded by sadie ramone Hey People, I love this picture, I LOVE IT!! Sadie’s Pictures really capture nights out it such an amazing way, it’s hard to describe […]

Calvin Klein

Last night, on an underwear buying impulse I bought £137 worth of Calvin Klein briefs and this time I had the actual money to do so! I purchased 9 pairs of different […]


I was just reading through one of my old diaries and did a little bit of recording off certain entries, its brought back so many memories! From Naivety to Sluttyness, […]

On My Way

Well hey there people, thank you ever so much for the e-mails and voicemails about episode 300! At the moment I’m on my train to Leicester and next to me […]


I can’t explain, this lack of pain I can’t deny, the tears to cry I can’t think straight God, I feel so empty, like there’s nothing inside me…

Flock This

Hey People!! I’m testing a new browser called Flock, it has inbuilt Flickr support and stuff, I’m gonna trial it and see if it’s any good, I’m posting via Flock’s […]