I have the worst toothache at the moment, the kind of toothache that keeps you awake all through the night in agony! I have an appointment with my dentist tomorrow […]


Occasionally I can wake up and feel the lowest of the lows, almost as if in my slumber I’ve had any and all positivity completely drained from my body, leaving […]

Vote Obama!

I’ve become addicted to the coverage of the American elections, and how disgustingly vile John McCain is, riding around in a bus called the “Straight Talk Express”, yuck – that […]

Hiccup Attack

Twinkleboi and Fiona are back in video format with there random comedy video madness. In this video, they are both walking down a road in Cambridge, called Mill Road whilst […]


I never knew that there was a Month dedicated to Blogging/Podcasting for a whole month but there is and I think it’s called NaBloPoMo, I did a podcast per day […]

Time Machine

There are days when I really wish that I could change things that I had done in my life, decisions I never made and choices made incorrectly – life could’ve […]


I’m getting bored, bored with the repetitiveness of everything! I want to move away, to get out of this city, out of this country. Everything feels so unimportant, stupid even. […]


OMG! So this morning I have been converting all of my VHS home videos to my computer using the magical device, Pinnacle PVT, and when I played back the recordings […]


Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I can be really happy, wide awake and looking forward to the day ahead, and then sometimes I can wake up and […]


I don’t know why but recently I’ve been feeling horny, not just a little bit either, unwrapping men with my eyes – well they will wear clothes that don’t leave […]

I’m a geek

The last few days I’ve been learning so much, trying out new software here and there – whether its pc software or mobile – I’ve been playing around with it. […]


It’s 8:45pm and i’m in bed – totally knackered – and just wanting to switch off, i’ve got a few things to do for my 400 episode of my podcast […]


I have a day off tomorrow and I’m going to get things in order and get myself a passport! About time really, and as soon as I’ve got one I’m […]


I was about to finish getting ready for work this morning and then my step-dad decided to use the bathroom, knowing that I hadn’t finished my daily grooming routine – […]

Ouchy Tongue

I have a swollen saliva gland! Random? Yes. Painful? Oh yes! I have to be careful how I eat, talk and generally move my tongue, it’s really sore! I think I […]

Year So Far

So, what are we? a week into the new year and what an amazing start, I’ve been to London twice. I’ve taken a speedboat down the Thames at night (AMAZING!) […]

So Cold

What does a 23 year old gay man do when snow is forecast and he’s going to be walking around outside? Wear a thin t-shirt and a hoodie….i’m so stupid