Superman Strips

Decided today that I would wear a Superman onesie whilst making this video, for some reason I though I would attempt stripping throughout the video…

Lady GaGa – ARTPOP

I’m not a monster but I do like Lady GaGa – I wasn’t the biggest fan of Born This Way, lets see how ARTPOP performs! Aura I remember hearing the […]

Zizzi, Hitchin

Me and Elstro decided to take a trip to Hitchin today and whilst we were there we decided to stop for lunch at Zizzi.

Cubs are Cool

You know what? I love being a cub – fuck society thinking that skinny is desirable – I’m a big guy (in many ways) and I love the fact that […]


Kind of uploading this in the dead of night so that less people are subjected to me and my weird mood

iOS 7 Direct Download Links

Seems loads of people are having issues with getting iOS 7 OTA (Over The Air), these are the direct link to the iOS 7 downloads from Apple, if you know […]


So to celebrate Fiona’s birthday we went out for food and cocktails at a local restaurant…it was happy hour…we drank rather a lot of alcohol…


This is probably not going to be one of those blogs that I do that doesn’t interest anyone but I just want to get a few things out of my […]


Wow, it’s a hot one today – I’ve just had a haircut and decided to show you it and also to talk about my BIRTHDAY!!

Funny Head

If you follow me on any form if social media then you’ve probably seen updates from me in the last week in which I keep talking about my head.

My Response

This will be the last video and last ever mention of the whole situation – I just wanted to respond to the video that Rob made.

My Twitter Archive

Today marks my 6th year on Twitter and with Twitter deciding to let people download their tweets so I delved deep into mine and decided to share some of the […]

Are You Gay?

Come on guys – come and subscribe to TheBigGayCollab : http://youtube.com/TheBigGayCollab Ask Me Things : http://ask.fm/TDYLN Music : Flybug – My Name Is Flybug (Original Mix) and Meizong – Infinite […]

Why I Killed Myself

Hello! I wanted to write a blog, I have no idea what to write about so I’m just going to type and let my brain flow through my hands and […]