Through The Years

It’s therapeutic to take stock of your life and look back and reflect on who you used to be and who you are now, above shows the evolution of me, […]

Rebel Cub

I had a lot of fun making this, it’s a bit silly but I wrapped 2 USB cables and a webcam around my head to achieve the Rebel Heart look! […]


I’d never usually do this but it’s a way of raising awareness for such an important thing #Pants2HIV If you appreciated this photo, then please please PLEASE DONATE to GMFA […]

4G on Vodafone hits Cambridge

Weirdly coincidental but on the day after I leave my employment with Vodafone it seems that 4G has finally been rolled out to Cambridge – I was taking a walk […]

Being A Cub

Just over a year ago I announced myself as a cub, today is a video about cubs, being happy with yourself and stuff 🙂


I have advise for those of you that are thinking about getting a credit card.


Some people get loads and some people don’t get enough, what am I talking about today?

A Day At The Beach

Yesterday my boyfriend Tom and I decided to go back to the coast and spend the day at the beach, we woke up nice and early at 5am to leave […]

10 Apps I Use Regularly

I use my iPhone quite a bit, I have a whole load of photography apps as there isn’t a day that goes by in which I’ve not taken at least […]

Let’s go to the Beach

I just had my 30th birthday (14 July) and my boyfriend booked a perfect weekend away in Southwold which is a beautiful and peaceful coastal town on the Norfolk coast.

The Queens Head at Blyford

My boyfriend and I managed to discover this gem of a pub by randomly choosing somewhere close on the Sat Nav whilst we were away for my 30th birthday. The pub is […]

Fat Cub

A moan about the weather and a bunch of things I’ve recorded but not done anything with – WARNING : contains a soggy me!


I’ve been putting off writing a blog for a while, for numerous reasons but I find that once I start putting fingers to keys then the release is there and […]

Freaky Find

Whilst I was having a massive and overdue clear out of the junk in my room I found something rather strange…

Rhode Island, Cambridge

For a new restaurant this place exceeds! Booked a table via email for 7:30 and when we turned up we were greeted by a very friendly lady who asked us […]

Hunted : My Reaction

I just got finished watching the Dispatches program called Hunted, which showed only a small amount of the horrific things that are happening to LGBT people in Russia and I […]

It’s Time

I can’t believe that come July I shall be turning 30, I remember leaving school thinking that 2014 was so far away and that being 30 would be so old […]

The Untitled Update

I’m going to start off writing this blog post without a title, a title means I’d have to stick to a subject or path and I feel that this is […]