2015 in 120 Seconds

Using the AWESOME 1SE app [http://www.1secondeveryday.com] I pieced together fragments from my 2015 iPhone videos to create this short video!

Kill The Grump

It’s interesting yet frustrating to know that the actions of one or two people can really get under your skin.


If there’s one thing that I am really passionate about, it’s the empowerment of other people.

Storm Barney!

I’m sat here by my window as the 70-80 mph winds make my windows rattle, the trees outside are taking a battering and the noises of the gusts are pretty […]

Oh, Daddy!

Yesterday I was referred to as DADDY on one of apps I use and at first I was a little amused because this was the first time I’d ever been called it – and then […]


The horrendous events in France are abhorrent and saddening, lives were lost and changed forever, such evil in the world.

Dressed Up

Today is Children in Need day, a day that people use to dress up, sit in baths of beans, do sponsored silences and so on to raise money for Children […]


Blogging is something I’ve done since 2004 and I love doing it and as some of you may have noticed I’m blogging on a much more regular basis, it’s nice […]


The last few days I’ve been having really weird dreams, today’s was the weirdest one yet!

One Year On

A year ago I started working at my current job, I didn’t know what to expect or if I was going to be any good at the job or if […]

Things #5

Trying to make THINGS a more regular thing now, so it’s time for me to share a few….THINGS!

No Internet

I was planning on doing something slightly different for  but seeing as our broadband internet isn’t working I thought I’d just turn this into a bit of a rant.

The Unfriend

I woke up this morning and was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and then I went into the “Friends” bit and then looked at contacts to see if any of […]


Yesterday was a good day. This is going to be a “what I did” type post, nothing exciting, unless I lie and make a version so unbelievable that you all think […]

Do I Have A Type?

You find it with the majority of people online who when either looking for a partner or a hookup, they’ll be fairly rigid with what type of person they are […]

Open Relationships Work

So for those of you that aren’t aware (you will be by the time you’ve read this blog post!), Tom and I are in an open relationship and have been for […]

Taking Stock

It’s important to keep document of your life, whether it’s in the form of a journal, a blog or some other medium

Long Vlog

Recorded after a session in the gym whilst waiting for the other half to scrump apples – standard!

Banter Before Bed

Getting one in before bed, although that sounds like I’m going to have a wank – I’m not, well, not on video anyway….Shut Up Toby!


The other night (Wednesday) I got to reconnect with a person who I thought I’d lost because my own stupid ways of dealing with hard times in my life.

Tummy Trouble

After not eating bread 🍞 for many weeks and benefiting from not doing so in quite a few ways, I ate some yesterday evening – I will not sugar the […]

How To Break The Silence

One thing that annoys me about myself is that sometimes I completely lose track of the time since I last spoke to friends until that time becomes to big to just say “Hi!”

Do It For You

A lot of people when venturing on a new diet or healthy routine decide to share it with the world on social media, maybe there’s an accountability aspect to doing […]


I don’t think there’s anything more frustrating and painful as backache, ok maybe toothache but backache is up there.

Stop Blaming Gays!

Recently certain media outlets have reported the supposed sexuality of two men who may have caused crashes, the way they spin the stories makes it sound like they did it […]

Election Day

Today was election day here in the UK, the polling stations will have just closed and the votes will be counted overnight and usually by the morning we will have […]

Brilliantly Bad Breakfasts

We woke up pretty early today, showered and made our way downstairs to have breakfast, this cost us £20 for two, now I only mention the price of the breakfast […]

First Class Friday

As I write this I’m currently sat in first class on a train to London for mine and Tom’s 6th anniversary, I’ve never traveled in first class before and I […]

Trying Out Blogsy

For years I’ve either used the official WordPress app to post blogs to my site or I’ve just logged on via my computer and done so, today I’m trying out […]

Things #2

Another week has just gone and it’s time again to share with you some things I’ve found!

Things #1

I wanted to make a (probably) weekly post on my blog about things that I’ve come across, learn or discovered, I think it will be fun and also shares with you […]

Drunken Twat

Me and Tom attended our friend’s engagement party and I ended up drinking rather a lot of alcohol. Apologises for my drunken twattery!

Handwritten Blog

It’s probably 1:40pm, I say probably because I don’t know. Why don’t I know? I don’t have a watch, I check the time on my phone, so why don’t I […]


So I’ve been in my new job now for just over 4 months and I really enjoy it, in December I was made staff member of the month and yesterday […]

Beard Banter

I’ve now discovered a beard wash/moisturiser and I love it, what do you bearded blokes use to keep your beard happy?

Beard Bottom

Sat in a car waiting for Tom to pick up a parcel from the sorting office, talking beard bottoms, crescent cameras and randomness