Other Places

I want to take this opportunity to share all of my online and social media links because I’m fairly active all over and want to make sure you guys can follow me in different places.

Tumblr Censorship

So already pretty much my whole Tumblr is flagged as explicit and will be removed or made private from the 17th December – I’m trying to think of the positives […]


I’ve not composed a post on here for a while and I’m not quite sure how to kickoff but I have this real sense of being overdue

School Reunion

So today I received an invitation to a school reunion and in the past my initial reaction would’ve been to decline the invite immediately and get on with my life but this time I actually decided to confirm my attendance.

TDYLN 0104 – House About That (3 June 2018)

It was my day off so I decided that whilst I was doing laundry I would record a show.

Talking about interacting with people, self created fear, future photoshoots, future topics, my energy levels, selling my underwear and an ongoing shoulder injury.

The 3 Day Blog

I started writing a blog post on Monday and it became a weird multi-day post, not my original plan but I did state that I didn’t know what direction it was going to go in!

Learning to Lifeguard

I’m on day 2 of a 6 day lifeguarding course and it’s kicking my arse like I’ve never had it kicked before, but I’m loving it and I’m proving to myself that I can do things that I thought weren’t possible!

Working Away

I got sent to Lincoln for work this weekend and I recorded a bit of a random vlog whilst there and trying to find my way back home!