Learning to Lifeguard

I’m on day 2 of a 6 day lifeguarding course and it’s kicking my arse like I’ve never had it kicked before, but I’m loving it and I’m proving to myself that I can do things that I thought weren’t possible!

Working Away

I got sent to Lincoln for work this weekend and I recorded a bit of a random vlog whilst there and trying to find my way back home!

What Happened?!

Since my last video, I’ve had a number of people have asking why I was in hospital and what happened. Here’s the full story.

Inebriated (LIVE)

Well yesterday Tom and I visited the Cambridge Beer Festival and then went out in town afterwards and got wasted…at some point I thought it would be a good idea […]

2015 in 120 Seconds

Using the AWESOME 1SE app [] I pieced together fragments from my 2015 iPhone videos to create this short video!

Long Vlog

Recorded after a session in the gym whilst waiting for the other half to scrump apples – standard!

Banter Before Bed

Getting one in before bed, although that sounds like I’m going to have a wank – I’m not, well, not on video anyway….Shut Up Toby!

Stop Blaming Gays!

Recently certain media outlets have reported the supposed sexuality of two men who may have caused crashes, the way they spin the stories makes it sound like they did it […]

Drunken Twat

Me and Tom attended our friend’s engagement party and I ended up drinking rather a lot of alcohol. Apologises for my drunken twattery!

Beard Banter

I’ve now discovered a beard wash/moisturiser and I love it, what do you bearded blokes use to keep your beard happy?

Beard Bottom

Sat in a car waiting for Tom to pick up a parcel from the sorting office, talking beard bottoms, crescent cameras and randomness

Being A Cub

Just over a year ago I announced myself as a cub, today is a video about cubs, being happy with yourself and stuff 🙂


I have advise for those of you that are thinking about getting a credit card.


Some people get loads and some people don’t get enough, what am I talking about today?

Fat Cub

A moan about the weather and a bunch of things I’ve recorded but not done anything with – WARNING : contains a soggy me!

Freaky Find

Whilst I was having a massive and overdue clear out of the junk in my room I found something rather strange…

Hunted : My Reaction

I just got finished watching the Dispatches program called Hunted, which showed only a small amount of the horrific things that are happening to LGBT people in Russia and I […]

Superman Strips

Decided today that I would wear a Superman onesie whilst making this video, for some reason I though I would attempt stripping throughout the video…


Kind of uploading this in the dead of night so that less people are subjected to me and my weird mood


Wow, it’s a hot one today – I’ve just had a haircut and decided to show you it and also to talk about my BIRTHDAY!!

My Response

This will be the last video and last ever mention of the whole situation – I just wanted to respond to the video that Rob made.

My Twitter Archive

Today marks my 6th year on Twitter and with Twitter deciding to let people download their tweets so I delved deep into mine and decided to share some of the […]

Are You Gay?

Come on guys – come and subscribe to TheBigGayCollab : Ask Me Things : Music : Flybug – My Name Is Flybug (Original Mix) and Meizong – Infinite […]