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Considering A New ISP

I’ve been with UKonline for about 2 years now, and to be totally honest, I have receiving more than a piss poor service from them from day one, countless lost connections, which is a pain in the arse if it happens when I’m watching streaming video or uploading a large file.

So I’ve been searching for alternate ISP’s and the one that seems to stand out from the crowd is Virgin Media – I used to be with and changed to UKonline due to connection problems which was actually due to my own mistake, I wish I had never moved, so over the next few days I’m going to get in touch with Virgin Media and speak to them about changing, it’s got to be done, and also – for some reason, UKonline don’t support using a wireless router, which I need to have nowadays because I have multiple items that can connect to the internet (DS, Wii, PSP, Laptop). So that would be just great!!

I want to bask in the light of WiFi!!

Also, I ordered my Vista Recovery Disc for my laptop today, £25 – I was expecting a huge amount to pay, pleasant surprise 🙂

Kisses 4 Now

Twinkle x

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