I feel as if I’m on the cusp of making some pretty big choices in my life, though not exactly life changing but they would make a difference to me and allow me to further myself without being held back.

I’m not going to say exactly what these choices and changes are, mainly because I have a habit of procrastinating things and I’m trying to change that too.

So, a blog post – something that I haven’t really done for a while, neither have I podcasted recently, I’ve recorded shows, but they never get to your ears because I guess I’m on a self censor mission, I’m too aware of people listening, something I’ve not usually worried too much about, but right now seems to be more apparent than ever.

This is coming from a person that has shared EVERYTHING…yes, if you’re a long time listener you’ll know just how much! I guess I need to have a show to get me back on track again, just get everything out of my mind and into your ears, I think I lost some of my natural podcasting ability and when I do record shows (in my opinion) they don’t seem natural, they seem almost scripted…sigh.

Fuck it, I’m recording tonight!

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One thought on “Decisions

  1. Oh poor, sad Twinkle *gives luvvyhug and reacharound*

    Coming from a gay boi whose mom was a Nurse all of his life, I think you’d make an excellent one! We nurturers are delicate flowers.. hopefully you’ll find yourself a hot, young daddy-type doctor.

    BTW.. you’re this Irish American’s favorite Brit in the podosphere!

    Good Luck -DJ

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