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Delayed Anger Inevitable

I haven’t podcasted for a few days now, I wanted to say a few things in regards to “that” email I got…..first of all – FUCK YOU!

You pretty much attacked me when I was feeling at my lowest and when I was slowly getting myself back to normal.

In regards to the podcast episode I caved in and submissively let your caustic words wear me down and agree to everything you decided to pinpoint that was bad about me!

Yes you might enjoy my show but I’d rather not have such a listener as yourself – I don’t need saving, and if you’d been listening from day one then maybe, like many others you would understand that I’ve been though more than my fair share of difficult times and have managed to get through them just fine – the massive MASSIVE support that I got from my listeners after I posted “that” episode just showed me that your words meant very little – just because you happened to “meet” me in my work environment, doesn’t give you the right to be so unbelievably rude and totally judgemental!!

Yes I know I’m not perfect, never have I claimed to be – how dare you!

Rant over and out of my system now – people, I should be back in your ears soon, am currently feeling like death 🙁 I hate being ill! X

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as a new reader I have no idea what your talking about, although I get the general idea. I can associate with the judgemental part though, I once had my blog hacked by religious fundamentalists, which was nice.
I must say though Im intrigued to find “that”pod though.

Love from a fellow uk blogger.x

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