Did you all wear your Red Ribbons today?

I was shocked to see that hardly anyone wore them today. I was even asked by my management to remove mine because it wasn’t part of the uniform and not a charity that the store supports!!

I refused to remove it.

Not part of uniform?! It’s not charity…it’s awareness, I kindly (though I wanted to swear) told her it was worlds aids day and she said “well wear it underneath your fleece” ….speechless!!!

I think the UK still hold stigma with HIV and AIDS, that’s really sad. Everyone spends their money on those fucking wristbands, because it’s now a fashion rather than showing that you support a charity, and half of them are fake as it!!

One Ribbon, One Day and still, no-one makes an effort, millions of people are suffering from the worlds biggest disease and it seems that it took a back burner this yeah, not nearly enough coverage in media, they all seem to wanna talk about stupid fucking programs like I’m a Non-Entity get me outta here and X-Craptor…Bastards!!


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