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Do It For Ragan – He Trully Deserves It!

Wonderful Friends,

Some of you receiving this message may scratch your head.  I’m sending
this to everyone on my contact list; so if you only know me from
delivering a pizza to my house, chairing a panel I was on, or through
a peer review process, I apologize.  This won’t turn into a habit.
I’m emailing EVERYONE on my gmail contacts list because I need help in
mass form.

This message is possibly worth $10,000 to me.  I need your help.

I am happy to announce that your votes helped me get to the final
round of the FameCast competition.  As one of the five finalists, I
was flown to Austin (where I’m currently typing this email) and
performed a 12-minute set of poetry at Antone’s, one of the city’s
most popular venues.  I’m writing you for three reasons:

1)      You can check out the video footage of me performing my set by
going to, clicking on stage 9 (the spoken word
stage), and clicking on my name and picture.  I think most of you will
really enjoy the video.  This is TOTALLY UNLIKE any of the cheaply
made videos I’ve made in the past.  This is professional (and I don’t
mean in a hooker kind of way.)  I did a piece that makes fun of Paris
Hilton’s incarceration, a poem about my father’s Alzheimer’s-related
death, the ribbon magnet piece, and a poem about disease.  Unlike the
previous videos, the finals video quality is amazing.  I also
encourage you to check out videos from the other four finalists,
including Da Boogie Man, Corbet Dean, Anis, and Talaam Acey.

2)      I’d really appreciate your vote.  The five finalists will be
battling it out this week online to see who gets the most votes for
their video.  If I win the competition, I’ll be awarded $10,000! If
you’ve already registered on the site, voting, as you already know,
takes a few seconds.  If you haven’t registered, please know that
registration takes only a minute or two, it’s free, and the site
doesn’t spam.  Once you’ve registered, you can vote for me.

3)      If you enjoy the video, please encourage your friends and family to
vote.  I will not be able to win this thing unless my friends work to
promote my video and advocate on my behalf.  Ask friends at work to
vote.  Ask you family members to vote.  Introduce people who you think
might enjoy my work to the video and encourage them to vote.  In other
words, my winning depends on my wonderful world of friends.  Pass me
around, like a virus!

I know it’s annoying to receive messages like this; and I promise this
will be the last self-promotion email you get from me, as there are no
more rounds in the competition.  $10,000 is a LOT of money and could
really put a large dent in my 6-figure student loan.

I hope you’re all having a fantastic summer! Sorry to bug you.



Ragan Fox, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Communication
California State University, Long Beach
Author of HETEROPHOBIA (Lethe Press) &

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