I don’t usually decide that I’m going to write a blog on the way to work but seeing as my bus journey is over 70 minutes long and I’ve forgotten my headphones and therefore cannot listen to my audiobook, I thought that it might be a good way to curtail my boredom for a moment.


It’s pitch black outside and it’s raining very heavily, so typical British weather really.

I start work at 9 today but am getting into the town I work in earlier because I have to post a parcel to somebody that won my iPad 2 on eBay.

I haven’t had breakfast yet, didn’t have the time to make any this morning before I left, I think a bacon and sausage roll from Greggs will go down a treat (don’t judge me for eating Greggs lol).


My bus is going through the area near the place I used to work at a couple of years ago, I can’t believe I left there almost 2 years ago now, time certainly flies when you are happy in the job you are in.


The sun is starting to rise, although with the amount of rain right now it’s not going to change much, it means I’ll be able to see outside better which will be nice – East Anglia, despite it’s flaws and flatness, is beautiful, the perks of being on the top deck of the bus means I can see for miles (due to the flatness) and that might sound frightfully dull but I think deep down I want to live out in the country and views like the ones I see make me happy.

The benefit of being on the earlier bus also means I’m the only person on the top of the bus, I would usually record a vlog when given this opportunity but this bus is as rickety as anything and it’s very noisy too and to be frank, I haven’t shaved in 6 days and I’m too tired to talk this early so I’m plumping for the blog option instead.


Only 20 minutes until I reach my destination – I’m no longer the only person on the top deck 🙁


Just turned in to the council estate area (I think, every house looks absolutely identical, bar a few Christmas light and decorations out the front).


Weirdly I feel colder now than I did this morning when it was dark, I think it’s because the bus keeps stopping over and over to let people (and the cold) on.


Definitely getting closer to the town centre now, just went past a Burger King *stomach rumbles*


I swear that this bus is purposely going past food places on purpose because it knows that I’m hungry, counted a Chinese, an Indian and a chip shop!


Certainly going through the more affluent area now, posh sounding road names, expensive cars and family wagons (people carriers / four-wheel drives).


Yay! Destination reached, thanks for joining me on this random blog!


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