I’m not really a fan of chocolate and I’m not a Christian, so what does Easter mean for me?

Time off!

But in all honesty Easter, just like Christmas has been commercialised to a point where people actually don’t know what its all about, and corporate fat cats start getting in selling mode for Easter straight after Valentines day – and don’t get me started on that either, the original meaning of Easter is resurrection – its got nothing to do with rabbits or eggs – and rabbits, if they eat chocolate, die!

Great message they’re putting out there!

Kill your bunny!



  1. Easter eggs started appearing on shelves between Boxing Day and New Years Day in supermarkets here in Melbourne, Australia!

    My mum usually buys us at least one “Easter Bilby”, a native alternative to the Easter Bunny.

    Bilbies are native desert-dwelling marsupial omnivores.

    Rabbits are not native to Australia, rabbits are the most serious mammalian pests, an invasive species whose destruction of habitats is responsible for the extinction or major decline of many native animals, European Rabbits cause millions of dollars of damage to crops.

    ..Don’t ya just love Wikipedia. lol

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