Hello….it’s 6:15am, I’m not sleepy, haven’t bothered to sleep yet….INSOMNIA!! lol

Working on a mix of Mariah Carey’s – it like that and also two 80’s style things, one bootleg, one original.

Today’s plan is to, first of all have a bath (without falling asleep, I almost drowned last time!), get changed, breakfast, brush teeth, then arm myself with a camera and go for a walk someone….where? I dunno yet, my legs will carry me there, Hehe.

Thanks to Mr/Mrs anon for your comment on my last post (parents are never easy!!!!)

I must do something about getting a job, I think the plough is my best bet, a plus Elvis works there too so it’d be fun 🙂

Have been talking to Shane since about 3am, he can’t sleep too, bless him…well I hear the shower running so I guess that means somebody is awake now, think it’s mummy…she’s more delicate with walking around, unlike bro n stepdad the clomp-arounders!!



i might post pictures later on

mwah mwah!! xxxxxxxx


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