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FlashBack!! La LA lA LA LA la LAAAA!!

Todays Tune : Lucie Silvas – Don’t Look Back

Today was my day off, thank god!
I went out with Fiona last night to Teri Aki.

I had

Chicken skewer Type Things, Beef Noodle Soup Kinda Thing, and for Desert…Yakumi Dafuku…I think that’s the name! lol, then we went to the Pub and got drunk and sang loudly and out of tune!! Eventually going our own separate ways, getting a Taxi home and collapsing into bed, woke up this morning without a hangover but around 2pm (the laziness).

Still working on the bushwhacked project, have managed to acquire one new song and need to find out about acquiring the other, Rx is working on new stuff and B.T.W on G.Y.B.O has recently started to demo a few tracks.

Mum’s applying for a new job, much better pay and closer to home, literally up the road 🙂 Hope she gets it!

Did a new video remix today for Audiowhore’s edit of Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker.
anywayz ppl, ciao twinkle xxx

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