I don’t know what is wrong with me at the moment, but since I had my phone stolen, I’ve seemed to be rather low, and if I look at it, it’s not such a big thing, but it seems to have moved my mood levels into a darker place, like a switch being flipped, the trigger being hit. I keep thinking of stuff going wrong, I’m trying to podcast but I end up unhappy with the finished article and I hit the delete button. I think maybe it goes to show that although I thought I was feeling happy, maybe I’m not as so.

I’m hoping that these feelings pass as soon as possible, I really am.

On the subject of my stolen phone, nobody at work seems to care but why should they? I mean it didn’t happen to them, but the management aren’t doing a thing about it either, just seeming to make excuses about “Company Policy”.

Well, I have an idea, provide all members of staff with lockers that cannot be broken into, I use the word broken in a loose fashion because technically, my locker was merely bent and a hand slipped inside, a hand of a thief, and even though the management are 99.9% sure that they know who the person is, without solid proof, nothing they can do, so I have to work in the same vicinity as a thief, a dirty fucking thief that took it upon himself to steal my property…BASTARD!!

Jeez, my iTunes is on random and it’s playing the funeral march, how lovely!!

Well, here’s to a happy christmas to all


Twinkle/Toby xxx


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