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I hate my family, I mean all they do is argue persistantly….and alcohol, though neither of them admits they have a problem, I’m sick of them!! So fucking wrapped up in their own fucking shit, when one or the other has a drink (it’s never just one drink mind!) they argue, about stupid things and usually the same things, they never talk to each other when they’re sober and they just fester and moan….well……

newsflash but…


Grow up!!
Stop Drinking!!

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  1. Anonymous 14th May 2005

    cheer up. I know what it’s like when ur mum and dad fight. I remember mine fighting all the time.

    they don’t any more cos he snuffed it….’shame’ not.

    god that sounded heartless what i just said didn’t but he did!

    Ne way I like your music.Your very talented. I hope you keep on with it. I hope that you make it big in the music world and wish you all the success in the

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