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Guess Who Interviewed Adam Curry?

I had the opportunity to interview Adam Curry yesterday, I have to say it was nerve-racking, but totally worth doing.

I asked him all sorts of questions, and he gave me his honest answers and opinions on the queercast community, Keep watching this space for the post 🙂 🙂

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  1. tim from Radio Clash 19th November 2006

    Only after me and Scott from Night Nurse Show put you up to it and gave you the cheerleader support to do it! 😛

    See it wasn’t that hard and he doesn’t bite (ugh not a nice picture I’ve just had, my filthy mind!) 😉

    Good to meet you! When are you posting the stealth disco of me getting Regularjen and Scott back? I think a ‘video response’ to is in order 😉

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