Hello There!

I haven’t blogged properly since May so I have decided now is the time to write.

Up until my 2 weeks of annual leave that I’m currently enjoying immensely I was working very hard, smashing my targets at work and generally becoming very focused – albeit on my work and that’s why I think that the creative side of me had a momentary lapse but for now, it’s back.

Last time I started typing out a post for this blog I was a year younger, I celebrated my birthday on the 14th and had a lovely time away in Suffolk and also visited a lovely place called The Chilli Company, they grow an A to Z of chillies and also they rear their own animals on site, the cutest most adorable pigs (It’s seeing how adorable they are that makes me guilty to be a meat eater!)

We stayed in a place called The White Horse Inn in Suffolk, the room was nice and the shower was powerful, love a powerful jet 😛 (Not like that you sick minded individuals!), the weather was pretty crap but the weather hasn’t been nice since May so I doubt its going to change now – As I type this it’s chucking it down outside!

I’ve started eating on the slimming world plan, something I was meant to start back in June and never did but I decided that enough was enough and it was time to dedicate my efforts in to shifting a few stone, I want to lose about 3-4 stone and I want it to stay off, I’m going to keep you updated throughout….that’s if you are interested! I know that losing weight and talking about it can be frightfully boring but I know for sure that I won’t become one of THOSE people!

I have a few busy days ahead and really want to make a start on sorting out my room, it’s organised chaos and I want it to be a relaxing lovemaking pad 😛 haha, I just want it to look nice – I want to get rid of my computer desk, its way too big and I could easily downsize it – I need somewhere to put my computer and also a place to keep things organised – I’ve been meaning to do this for 6 years now….will I ACTUALLY do so, I hope so!

Tomorrow I’m off to meet my faboo friend Fiona (the other half of Filthy PhilFi), we have something to do then I guess we’ll have a bite to eat and a cup of tea somewhere nice, I will also try to take photos in Cambridge.

Look out for regular blogs again now 🙂

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