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Homeward Bound

I’m on my train back from London after seeing the Spice Girls, what an amazing night – I don’t want to give too much away here because I’m saving that for the podcast!

It’s 00:19 and to my right are a bunch of hot straight men taking about birds and football – and one of them is rubbing his stomach and lifting his shirt up and I’m trying to keep my eyes away but I keep looking, have to be careful though! He he!

I think I’m due into Cambridge at about 1:15, I’m listening to Russell Brand on my iPod, he’s fucking crazy, I love it!

I’ve got work at 9am tomorrow 🙁 too early, I want a lie in!

I could seriously blog for the next hour or so because I’ve got nothing else to do, no magazine to read, no PSP/Nintendo DS to play on, and I can’t record a podcast because the train is still rather busy even at this time of day.

Ok, it’s now 00:28 – I’m off! X

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