I knew that all of the HP Support team were based in India, and I was worried that there was going to be a language barrier and that I wouldn’t be able to get things sorted fast.

But I have to say, apart from being called Tony or Toady during the call, the person I spoke to was very helpful and I kinda guessed what questions were going to be asked when I rang up.

“Plug in the cord”

“Press the power button for 10 seconds”

I did all these before I rang, nothing worked

“Keep Pressing F10What!?


Well, I have a courier coming around tomorrow between 12 – 5 to get it sent to be fixed.

Yay! 🙂



  1. My experience with HP support got a laptop bricked (read unusable, because it won’t turn on without major repair)
    The laptop had frozen on a bios update, so I contacted HP support for suggestions.
    The person I talked with told me to unplug the computer and take the battery out. (Which is the exact opposite of what the bios update instructs you to do). So I did so, and the laptop would not turn on. (due to lack of BIOS or corrupted BIOS)

    The support agent had the nerve to quote me $400 for out of warranty repair after his suggestion bricked the laptop.

    Anyways (generalizing) they seem to know very little, and have you do things that don’t make sense or that you shouldn’t do. This ends with a trip to HP Repair center, and possibly a large bill.

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