The Life of Toby

I do love him

My God.
I do love him.
I’m so worried that I’ve lost him.
I just read his blog.
I don’t think he wants to be with me…I get that feeling and it hurts.

Why am I not podcasting this? because you wouldn’t hear a single word for the tears.
It’s 5:58am…he’s moving back home…away from here, away from me…why don’t I start a new line….because this is all streaming from my tear-stained hands…I can’t stop for fear I won’t have a chance to restart….he does deserve better….I tell myself that….he knows he can….why would he even consider staying here….he could be so much happier…so much hap…..and i shouldn’t be so selfish and think of myself first…i did that once before….the worst move i ever made….what a way to start the year…..Leo, I LOVE YOU.

I’ll support whatever you do, wherever you go, the people you’ll bring light and happiness to on a daily basis


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