The Life of Toby

I want #2

I want to smile a real smile
I want to travel the world
I want new experiences
I want to be believed in
I want to learn another language
I want to show people that doubted me that I have come further than they ever thought possible
I want karma to kick the arse of those that kicked, punched and spat on me at school
I want to learn how to cook healthy low fat foods and cook them well
I want to discover my family tree
I want to meet my father for the first time
I want to sit in absolute silence every now and then
I want to sometimes wake up in another mans arms
I want to not have to dumb down anymore
I want to understand why some people think that no means yes
I want an apology
I want security
I want patronising tones to cease with immediate effect
I want to be able to say it
I want to be able to live it
I want to find out things
I want to physically meet my online friends
I want people to understand why I can sometimes seem distant
I want to laugh out loud everyday
I want to give people a piece of my mind
I want the truth

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