I’m a geek

The last few days I’ve been learning so much, trying out new software here and there – whether its pc software or mobile – I’ve been playing around with it.

So recently I’ve started learning about ISO files, something that I’ve never really understood but things are becoming a lot clearer now, I’m still yet to successfully transfer an ISO image to CD though (can you help?)

In terms of mobile applications I’ve been using and loving ‘scribe’ which is what I’m currently writing this blog on and I have to say it works very well!

Another mobile application I’ve been using is emtube, a great program that utilises YouTube streams on to the handset and also allows you to rate them for further use/viewing.

The mobile apps I use at the moment are all Symbian s60 v3 just encase you were wondering!

So, this blog post is kinda geeky, kinda meta but at least I can say I have a brain! Lol x

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