iPhone 4 – UK Pre-order – My Experience

Today, I, like many others decided to embark on the quest of securing myself an iPhone 4 for launch date…I failed (kinda).

After realising the UK network pre-orders had sold out when I returned home after work, I decided that I wanted to buy one direct from Apple, they were showing that I could so I decided to press on and do so, I added the iPhone to my basket and proceeded to carry out the purchase…only problem being was that I kept receiving this horribly annoying error message after I had filled out all of the details for purchase.

Now obviously I was aware that demand for the iPhone 4 is astronomically big, its the most sought after piece of new mobile technology and people are literally going crazy for it. I myself felt the slight twinges of mania when I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to get one, I can only explain these feelings as a mixture of jealous and greed, two of the seven deadly sins! Eeek!

I persevered in my ordering quest, noticing that the shipping dates on the website had changed I decided to try one last time!

Hurrah! I managed to secure myself one, but I will not receive my iPhone 4 until July 5th – 6th, this is because I just didn’t get my order placed this morning, oh well, I’m still getting a bleeding iPhone 4!


I’m happy now!

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  1. I will hopefully have mine June 24th if they realy show up.
    I was trying to get through since 4am and it worked at 4pm!
    I am very excited!!!

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